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Maintain Indoor Air Quality With HVAC

We often talk about healthy living and quality of life but have you paid attention to the quality of the air you breathe indoors? Based on many surveys, most of us spend up to 90 percent of our time indoors. Our traditional way of improving poor indoor air quality is by increasing ventilation to remove contaminants. Add in the time you spend at home, at work, and on the go, and you will see how much time we spend indoors and relying heavily on the HVAC system. Especially in winter where we use heather all the time and making sure to get the regular maintenance from heating repair service. A good HVAC system will increase the air quality in your home.

Poor ventilation can cause a dangerous build-up of nitrogen dioxide from gas stoves and heaters. In the mid-2000s attention turned to semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs). Previously no one had considered indoor air quality dangerous because it was not possible to predict how significant amounts of a compound with low volatility could be inhaled. It has now been shown that dust adhering to materials containing SVOCs (vinyl flooring and the like) absorbs the chemicals then is filtered back into the air, allowing us to inhale them. The Bornehag study links phthalates (a chemical widely used in plastics) being absorbed with asthma. The most common SVOCs are phthalate plasticizers. Laboratory and environmental studies in animals provide strong indications that endocrine disruption is occurring. There is no solid evidence in humans at this time. But human research on other effects has shown stronger evidence.

A study in Bulgaria by Scandinavian researchers showed increased rates of childhood asthma correlated with the increased use of phthalates at home. Given that most homes don’t contain vinyl flooring or covering seating this is confusing at first. But interviews with households show a big increase in the use of certain cleaning products that contain phthalates. That is why it is important to have quality air inside the house and one way to achieve it is by maintaining your HVAC system.