Diet Failure, Could Be Because the Body “Forced” Hunger

This statistic is not excessive: at least every 2 out of 5 people have experienced diet failure. Usually, diet failure occurs when you have planned a long-term diet but it fails in just 7 days. The reason is that the body “rebels” with drastic changes. In a survey conducted by a British food company in 2013, it was concluded that 2 out of every 5 people stop dieting within the first 7 days. In fact, only 1 in 5 people survive for 1 month. The main thing that makes a diet fail is commitment and motivation. If these two things are not strong enough, failing to diet is ready to greet in plain sight. You can try leptoconnect to trigger your sucessfull diet.

Most people who undergo a diet program are certainly aimed at health, one of which reduces weight. Although the diet can reduce the number on the scale, it is very vulnerable to a diet that does not last long. What exactly causes diet failure?

Rebellious body
A diet that is too drastic can cause a person to feel mood swings, headaches, physical and mental fatigue, irritability, impaired digestion, to brain fog or difficulty thinking clearly. In fact, a successful diet should make someone feel lighter, energized, and happy. Changes that are too drastic will only make the diet fail because the body is rebelling. The solution, get to know your body as well as possible. If you have been on a diet before, do not repeat things that make the body suffer. Trust your body. In addition, do not force changes that actually make the body’s metabolism disturbed.

Feeling hungry is a gift for someone. But when this hunger becomes chronic, it is an indication that the diet is unbalanced and the body lacks nutrients. The body actually tries to store energy and not reduce weight. For that, choose a food menu that makes you full longer. Examples are protein, fiber, and good fats. Not only that, try to use smart strategies in the diet. Choose foods that are in sufficient quantity, will not increase calorie consumption. For example fruits and vegetables high in water and snacks from whole grains.

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