Don’t Underestimate it! This is the reason the crossbow is the most dangerous weapon

Firearms are generally a type of weapon that is not invincible and popular with many people, but what if you know this one weapon, namely the crossbow. Many people often ignore the crossbow as a weapon to fight crime because people usually prefer to use a firearm than a absolute survivalist . Even so, many types of best crossbow can be used.

Although there are drawbacks to using a crossbow, one of which is that one arrow bullet can be used but you have to reload to use other arrows, very different compared to firearms. Despite its weaknesses, the crossbow has fantastic abilities and tremendous power in attack, because it has a ratio of 0-100 with a destruction rate of 90. According to research, the crossbow is a non-fire weapon that has the highest level of accuracy because crossbow shots rarely miss the direction. targeted and very accurate.

Uniquely, the crossbow has its uniqueness as a non-fire weapon, namely the damage caused by the crossbow attack is damage over time, where the enemy will experience destruction for a while when shot by an arrow. The damage from a crossbow attack can cause bleeding and death if not treated promptly by medical attention. Even when someone was wearing armor, crossbows could still penetrate causing damage to it. Not many people know about this because it is focused on firearms, even though the use of crossbows is also advantageous with the damage suffered at level 3 compared to the damage from firearms.

This is why the use of a crossbow can be used as an alternative to firearms because crossbows have accurate aim and interest in the intended target with maximum destruction compared to firearms. Also, possession of firearms is very suitable and is not arbitrary, it must be supported by a certification supported by the State so that ownership of firearms can be said to be legal.

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