People Must Know How To Use High-Pressure Cleaners Properly

A high-Pressure Cleaner is a very reliable tool for cleaning building walls, roads, and vehicles. In this article, we will explain how to operate the HPC machine properly and correctly so that your HPC machine will last longer to use. Meanwhile, if you simply want to hire professionals to use an HPC machine to clean your building for you, you can simply call the power washing Lexington SC.

Here’s How to operate the HPC properly:

When the machine is used for the first time, water entering the engine/pump must first flow to the HPC engine that is used to fill the pump for the HPC engine.

Then turn on the engine for a while until the water coming out of the machine doesn’t falter (we recommend that you don’t install the HP hose first, whose purpose is to make it easier to remove any air bubbles in the pump).

After the water comes out smoothly from the pump, then the HOSE HP hose is properly installed. (It is forbidden to use seal tape on the connection of the HP Hose with the machine).

The water used must be water that flows not from a bucket or other water reservoir. The water flowing here is like a tap or a water pipe that has a flow of water from the source (maximum water pressure is 5 bar). In using GUN KIT, the user’s body position must be in a Safe & Safe position.
the steady plane , which is the straight body position, and Gun Kit is next to the dominant body (for example if you are left-handed,
then position the Gun kit to the left of your body). This is useful to compensate for the push back force from machine spray on the object or work object when the engine is started.

The water pressure and outflow width can be adjusted by turning the Head Gun on the lance. If you rotate it clockwise it will widen the spray range and vice versa if you rotate it counterclockwise it will narrow the spray range.

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