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Types of Dental Problems and How to Overcome Them

When you have to be far away from your home due to work, college, or vacation in a remote place, of course, you want your trip not to be disturbed by problems with your teeth and gums, especially if you are undergoing dental work at dentist. Here are some teeth and gum problems and how to fix them:

The first thing to do is rinse your mouth with warm water. Then, use a toothbrush or dental floss to clean any trapped food residue. If the gums feel swollen, compress with cold water from outside the oral cavity (cheeks). Do not put toothache medication on the gums around the sore tooth because it can irritate the gums.

Broken Teeth
Save the tooth fracture. Then, gargle with warm water, then clean the tooth fracture. If bleeding occurs, press with sterile gauze or cheesecloth for 10 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

Loose Teeth
Hold the tooth by the crown of the tooth (the part that is visible in the mouth). Clean with water if it gets dirty. Do not clean or scrub the tissue adhering to the teeth. If possible, put the tooth back in the correct position without force. If it is not possible to put the tooth back into the tooth socket, place it in a clean container filled with milk or boiled water with a pinch of salt. Immediately visit the dentist as soon as possible, because the loose tooth can be saved if it is successfully returned to the tooth socket within 1 hour.

Patches that come off
As an emergency patch, you can temporarily use sugarless gum. Avoid using sugar-laden gum as it can cause pain.

Detachable Crown
Immediately visit the dentist and don’t forget to bring the loose crown. If you can’t go to the dentist and the tooth causes pain, then dab clove oil with a small cotton ball. If possible, temporarily replace the crown with toothpaste or denture adhesive. Avoid using super glue for this action.