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The Meaning Of A Flower Bouquet For A Wedding Procession, Don’t Choose The Wrong

Usually, the bride will choose white flowers that symbolize purity and purity of love. However, the bride may choose flowers with other types or colors such as red, pink, or yellow roses that can be used as alternatives. The choice of color, model arrangement, flower hut , and type of flowers will usually be adjusted to the theme of the wedding.

So so that you understand what types of flowers can be used in weddings, let’s take a look at the description below first!

1. Roses are most widely chosen because they symbolize beauty and beauty
Roses are indeed classified as beautiful flowers that are in great demand. This flower also symbolizes the beauty and beauty of an extraordinary woman.

2. Chrysanthemum can be a choice symbolizing love and honesty
For the color, you can choose white, yellow, or red chrysanthemum. It was explained that the most powerful symbol of love is the red chrysanthemum. Meanwhile, white chrysanthemums are heavier to symbolize honesty and yellow chrysanthemums symbolize secret admirers.

3. Although fairly expensive and hard to find, orchids can be an option because of their beauty
This mostly purple flower symbolizes extraordinary love and beauty. Orchids are also classified as a type of flower that is expensive. The reason is, planting and cultivating this one flower is quite difficult.

4. If she is your first love, choose a lily that is a symbol of the purity of your first love
Ever imagined walking the wedding altar carrying lilies? Yes, lilies are truly extraordinary in exuding beauty so they are very suitable for use in weddings. White lilies also symbolize the beauty of first love. It is very suitable to be chosen if you and your partner feel that they are finding their first love.

5. Tulip symbolizes true love which is perfect for you to carry when walking on the wedding altar
Tulips are believed to be a symbol of true love, so they are very suitable for use in wedding receptions. For the color itself, you can choose from several types of tulips, for example, white, red, or yellow, depending on individual tastes.

So how, have you determined what flower choices you will bring to the wedding reception?