This Is How To Clean A Portable AC Properly

Portable air conditioners are air conditioners that are widely used for open house events, birthday parties, wedding receptions, office events, etc., which require air conditioning. This tool can be placed and moved flexibly at several points of the event plan as desired to provide comfort for an event. Of course, you do not want this tool to suddenly stop working during the event. Therefore, Portable AC also requires special care. One way is to clean it once a month to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt that can damage the engine inside. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a new portable AC, we suggest you check out blaux portable ac.

Read this information about how to properly clean Portable AC:

1. Pre-Filter Routine Cleaning

Get into the habit of routine washing of the pre-filter which is usually located at the top back of the unit. Cleaning these components will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the evaporator coil. If the dirt is left to accumulate just like that, it will form a crust or stubborn layer of dirt that can be dangerous.

2. Cleaning Time

To keep the air conditioner cool and cool, you should do the air filter cleaning at least once a month, depending on its use. Dirt on the air filter can impede airflow and can cause engine damage. Not only that, if the filter is forced to work harder continuously, but it can also certainly make electricity become wasteful. For a thorough cleaning of portable air conditioners, do it at least twice a year to keep them efficient.

3. Steps to clean the portable air conditioner

Before you start cleaning, make sure the bucket is empty. In order for the Portable AC to be perfectly clean, first of all, unplug the electricity that connects the engine component unit, then drain the water tank. Dry the inside of the unit by running Portable AC in fan mode.

Next, remove the filter from the AC body while removing dirt and particles attached to it. Then, use the air filter thoroughly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the ventilation parts. The cooling coil also requires cleaning by spraying an acid solution into it. Finally, don’t forget to clean the outside of the Portable AC.

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